3 Positive Effects of Healing Human Relationships

3 Positive Effects of Healing Human Relationships

As an individual walks the path of recovery, finding healing in close friends and family members is vital

As an individual continues to walk the path toward recovery, finding healing in those close friends and family members who have been hurt through addiction to drugs like Lorcet is vital. In many cases, those closest to the person trying to recover from an addition will be the ones hurt the deepest due to lies, broken promises or other poor choices while under the influence of an addiction.

A Note About the Role of Community in Recovery From the Experts

A 2008 study was designed to understand what impact, if any, a peer-support community program would have on reducing relapse in addiction recovery. This study utilized interviews, observation of participants and a pre- and post-test evaluation of quality of life. There was a very significant reduction in the risk of relapse for all study participants who included the peer-support community program as part of the recovery process.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) concurs in its assessment of effective recovery. SAMHSA has included four dimensions to support a life in recovery including the following:

  • Health – Managing the symptoms of addiction and making healthy choices
  • Home – Stability and safety in a place to live
  • Purpose – Participating in meaningful daily activities in the form of work, hobbies or volunteerism
  • Community – Maintaining relationships with love, support, hope and friendship

Moving Beyond the Experts and Into Real Life

It is valuable to understand what research has learned about the role of community. However, the true power of community is much more organic than can be tracked or understood by data. There are three significant positive effects when an individual in recovery is able to see some restoration of previously broken relationship including the following:

  • Confirmation of progress – The cost of addiction to drugs like Lorcet extends far beyond the individual struggling with a drug problem. Broken relationships often pile up as proof of a life being torn down at the foundational levels. For this reason, when a significant relationship which was busted begins to become healed, it serves as proof positive that progress is being made for the simple reason that the person who stepped away would not risk reengaging again if there were no evidence of change. The individual in recovery can gain confidence in his or her recovery as each formerly broken relationship begins to be rebuilt.
  • Accountability from those who know you best – As mentioned above, it is usually those who are closest to the individual struggling with an addiction who are hurt the most and eventually step away from relationship. This leaves the person attempting to walk the path of recovery in a very difficult place because those who love and know her best are separate from her. This matters deeply because it is different when she is able to share her progress with her close friends and family. Celebrating with someone who has seen the lowest lows is very exciting and encouraging and a far different experience than celebrating with others in a rehab setting. Being able to share the positive progress with close family and friends creates a greater sense of momentum.
  • Creating a thirst for a return to a typical life – Perhaps the most important benefit of healing human relationships is that it creates a thirst for a sober life, a typical life without the pain of addiction or the sorrow of broken relationships. Especially when dealing with restored relationships with parents or children, this can be invaluable. For a father to see that his daughter is willing to spend an afternoon with him again can make all the difference in the world. Similarly, when a mother calls her daughter just to say, “I believe in you, and I love you,” after years with no contact, can be like life from the dead. Having the beginnings of a typical life restored in a healed relationship can be the impetus to keep pushing forward in recovery.

Friends and Family Likely Make the Difference for Your Recovery

The importance of friends and family who are ready to support you in the midst of your recovery cannot be overestimated. The research proves it and so does a common sense understanding of the human condition. Nobody is at his best when alone. An individual needs at least one person in her life who will believe in her no matter what and who will push her in loving support to be her best and sober self apart from drugs like Lorcet.

Addiction is always a risk and one you must remain vigilant against in every way. Having a community around you makes this vigilance easier because you do not have the bear the burden alone.

The cost of addiction is too high. If this is where you are right now, the most important thing to remember is that you are not alone. We can help you. We can answer your questions. The admission counselors at our toll-free, 24 hour helpline can help you learn more about addiction. They can help you find your way.